About San Miguel de Allende
Holidays and Events in San Miguel de Allende — 2008

January 1  New Year's Day (legal holiday)
January 6 Three King's Day: Giving of gifts to the children
January 17

St. Anthony's Day: Blessing of animals in front of the Parroquia & San Juan de Dios & San Antonio & La Salud churches

January 21 Birthday of General Allende: Hero of Mexican national independence
January 24 Departure of pilgrims for San Juan de los Lagos
February 2 Candelaria Day: Sale of seeds and plants in Parque Juárez—to begin the spring planting season
February 5 Constitution Day (legal holiday)
February 6 Ash Wednesday: Start of Lent
March 7

First Friday in March: Indian dances in front of the Parroquia church

March 9

Two Sundays before Easter: Image of El Señor de la Columna is carried from Atotonilco to San Miguel

March 14

Friday of Dolores: Day of the Altars in the houses
Street fountains are decorated

March 15 - 17 Celtic Festival in honor of St. Patrick
March 19  Feast of San José
March 20

Day of Altars in churches

March 21 Birthday of Benito Juárez. (Legal Holiday)                                                                           Good Friday: Evening procession of Holy images
March 23

Easter Sunday

April 6

Beginning of Daylight Saving Time

April 8

Easter Sunday

May 1 Labor Day (legal holiday); Ascension Day
May 3 Feast of Santa Cruz: Day of masons and builders
May 5 Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla
May 10 Mother's Day
May 15

Day of San Isidro: Patron of Rain & Agriculture. Village priests bless livestock decorated with garlands

May 22

Corpus Christi Day: Procession of Blessed Sacrament through the streets: Giving of gifts for children

May 25

Fiesta at Valle del Maíz

June 15 Feast of San Antonio: Parade of the Locos
June 26 Anniversary of the death of General Ignacio Allende
July 13 Feast at Atotonilco
July 16

Feast of the Virgin del Carmen

July 30

Anniversary of the death of Father Hidalgo

August 08 Feast of Santo Domingo
September 13

Commemoration of the death of the Child Heroes

September 15 Independence Grito, Fireworks and Celebration
September 16 Independence Day Parade A.M. (legal holiday)
Arrival of the Insurgents 6 P.M.
October 4

Arrival of Indians with Xuchiles, Conchero Dances, Bullfights & Castillos

October 5

Feast of San Miguel Anchángel (Patron Saint of San Miguel)

October 12 Feast of San Francisco
October 26 End of Daylight Saving Time
November 1

All Saints Day

November 2 All Souls Day – Day of the Dead: Food, flowers & candles in the
cemetery. Most important religious and Indian festival in Mexico
November 20

Anniversary of the Revolution of 1910

November 27 Thanksgiving in the USA
December 12 Feast of Mexico's Patroness: Virgin of Guadalupe
December 16 - 24 Posadas
December 24

Christmas Eve

December 25 Christmas Day
December 31

Traditional midnight suppers & religious services