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Our street address is:
Santo Domingo #3,
San Miguel de Allende,
Guanajuato 37700 Mexico
CAUTION: Do not use this address for mail packages from outside Mexico as it may take a very long time to get to us.
The address for mail and parcels is:
Las Terrazas San Miguel
PMB 165B
C/O La Conexion 11-A
220 N. Zapata Highway
Laredo, TX 78043
If a carrier of parcels needs a phone number
at La Conexion, the number in Laredo is

Mark parcel deliveries:
Deliver between 9 AM & 2 PM

IMPORTANT: See note below about importing.

You may send mail or packages to us or guests at the address indicated. Please write the name of the guest at the bottom of the envelope.

Our voice and fax telephone number
is 415-152-5028, country code 52

Our California rollover telephone number
is 707-534-1833 and rings Las Terrazas in Mexico!

Email is:

You may contact guests by telephone in their casas by emailing us a request for
their telephone numbers. Please identify yourself in the email so that we may advise
guests who wishes to call.

All parcels are reviewed by Customs. There will be a nominal crossing fee charged by our mail service and usually duty which at this time is running 25% of value. Our mail service will not cross parcels without an invoice in or on the carton. If there is no invoice they will return it to the sender at sender's expense.