Ground Transportation From The Airports and Money Exchange

From Mexico City International (MEX)
About 4.5 hours total Airport to San Miguel

The least expensive option is to take a deluxe AeroPlus bus (same company as Primera Plus), or an ETN bus from Mexico City Airport to Queretaro Central Bus Station. These are deluxe buses with coffee bar and restroom. They usually show a movie and offer a sandwich and soft drink. The trip is about 3.5 hours. Bus seats are about $36. Buy a ticket at the booth just outside Terminal D where the AeroPlus buses are.

You then catch another bus from Queretaro to San Miguel for about $10.00. However, you might have to wait up to 2 hours before the bus leaves.

The easiest way to get from Mexico City Airport is by combination bus and shuttle. We are happy to make the reservations for you. When you exit Customs at MEX a representative will meet you with your name on a sign. He will then take you to the bus station located at the airport and get you on the bus. When you arrive in Queretaro another representative will meet you as you exit the bus and put you on a shuttle which will bring you directly to Las Terrazas. The cost of this service is $59 – $70.00 per person (depending upon the season) and the shuttle driver can be paid directly either in USD$ or pesos. The main advantage of this arrangement is not having to wait at the Queretaro bus station for the San Miguel bus or arranging for a private taxi. The service is offered every hour.

Or, if your party is larger, a private car and driver can pick you up at the Mexico City Airport and bring you directly to our door. This is for a normal sedan and the cost is around $210.00. A van for four or five people is also available for a slightly larger fee.



From Leon International (BJX)
About 1.5 hours to San Miguel

There is a van (shuttle) service between the Leon (BJX) Airport and San Miguel de Allende.

The cost per trip is $26.00 – $30.00 per person each way or $50.00 – $56.00 round trip, (depending upon the season) and you are delivered directly to Las Terrazas. The shuttle driver will be waiting for you outside the Custom’s door with your name on a sign. Private car service is available. From Leon International BJX $75.00 each direction and a van (suitable for 3 or more passengers) is $100 each direction. We are happy to make the arrangements for you thru the travel company. Both the shuttle and private car will bring you directly to Las Terrazas.

We are more than happy to make all ground transportation arrangements for you.

Money Exchange
There is no need to make change before you get into Mexico if you have a sufficient allowance for your ATM withdrawals. The best way to get pesos is through an ATM machine which gives you the best exchange rate and most services do not charge fees from the Mexico end. If they do, the machine will state so. Most machines have a maximum limit of 3000 pesos per withdrawal but you can make several withdrawals in succession up to your card's limit. You will find machines in the airports. The symbol for the peso is $, the same symbol as for the American dollar. If you key in a $300 withdrawl, you are actually getting 300 pesos, not 300 dollars. All machines have an “other amount” key, and some machines will allow to 5000 pesos (about 500 US dollars).