Owners and Staff

Las Terrazas San Miguel is the product of redeveloping a complex of three houses and constructing a fourth. The work began in mid 1999 and concluded about February 2002. From the beginning this very unusual site provided an exciting challenge. The access up the hillside stairways and walkways at first appeared a bit of a jumble. But soon it was realized that the jumble was really an asset. Each of the casas is situated on separate levels which give them privacy, and the winding access route provides a sense of discovery as you ascend from level to level through the gardens. Bit by bit the plan emerged; expansion of a space here, dividing a space there, adding fountains and copious landscaping, most of which is in large pots. We hope you have the opportunity to enjoy what every guest has said is the wonderful ambiance of Las Terrazas.

Keeping Las Terrazas San Miguel running from day to day is the work of Matilde (Mati) Limón and Juan Jésus (Chuy) Hernandez. Chuy has been with Las Terrazas since the beginning of the project working first on construction and now managing the maintenance of the facilities. Mati joined us a couple of years later and attends to the housekeeping for the four casas. Together with Chuy, they maintain the over 150 large pots and gardens of Las Terrazas San Miguel.

The owners of Las Terrazas are Murray Friedman and Greg Johnson. Murray is a retired physician after 25 years of practice in Minnesota and Northern California. Greg was in the hospitality business, hotels and restaurants, for 25 years before retiring to San Miguel. Both bring their attention to detail and personal skills to the daily operations of Las Terrazas.

Mati: Matilde Limón Juan Jésus Hernandez (Chuy)