Our Weather & Seasons

San Miguel has very different weather throughout the seasons each of which has its own interest and beauty. This is high altitude climate, 6400 feet, and the humidity is quite low even during the warmest months of May and June. During the warmer time of the day walking is acceptably comfortable on the shady side of the street.

At times, in Summer and Fall there are tropical rains frequently accompanied by exciting thunder and lightning, yet the days can be quite warm. Rains may last an hour or two and occasionally longer.

Fall and early Winter bring bright, warm, sunny days with cool to cold nights.

Winter from mid November through February can be quite brisk with heat required at night; however, many people come here at this time of year to abandon the extremely cold snowy climates of their Northern homes. The mildest time is from January through March when accommodations book up fast. But don't overlook the attractions of other seasons such as Fall when there are numerous festivals.

Thousands of Americans from the North, both USA and Canada, have fallen in love with San Miguel and live here year round ... quite a number have been here for many years.