What Others Say About San Miguel

Here is what some of the major magazines and newspapers have said about San Miguel . . .

San Francisco Chronicle
May 4, 2003
Life is a vacation in San Miguel de Allende. Colonial city in Mexico lures American transplants.

San Francisco Chronicle
May 4, 2003
Mexico's real deal Working town Guanajuato offers authentic experience in the colonial heartland.

Sunset Magazine
Sunset did a feature on San Miguel in October 1998, saying, "Mystical, vibrant, surreal: This Mexican Village turned national monument can fire a person's soul."

Modern Maturity Magazine
In the May/June 2001 issue, they listed the world's top 15 places to have a home away from home. San Miguel was #13.

Outside Magazine
Outside Magazine wrote a feature article about mountain biking in San Miguel in its Annual Travel Guide 1998.

The Chicago Tribune
The Tribune published a full 2 page spread in the Travel Section, Sunday, May 20, 2001: "The Art of San Miguel: Falling in Love with Mexico's Magnificent Colonial Town."

Money Magazine
The June, 2002, issue has an article about the best places to retire. San Miguel is one of those 8 places.

Articles About the Area

A love affair with a town.
By Suzanne Murphy-Larronde
The New York Post, February 12, 2002

Querétaro, Witness to History
By Ginger Thompson
In the lovely colonial city of Querétaro, the last Mexican emperor was executed and the constitution drafted.
The New York Times, January 27, 2002

A Cultural Heritage in Clay and Copper
By Johnathan Kandell
Artisans of central Mexico are preserving dying crafts that meld Indian and Spanish traditions.
New York Times, February 20, 2002